• Hello miss. Thank you for your message but I am in no way to interesser by this kind(genre) of meeting. If I make a blog it is to express me and not chat.

  • Hello! you okay? The beautiful Miss T, I just made a stop on your card, I find you charming and interesting
    I would be delighted to know you more, because I go to the people
    has soon if you want that we exchange a few words to know a little head friendship
    If you want to do well aware that in any friendship I would therefore
    I leave my MSN
    adelus42@hotmail.fr: DD
    Although I am not often on MSN or on the net, I hope to all or ever.

  • tu es la louloute tu me parle plus ou koi

  • laisse moi des coms stp louloute c kitkat jtaime fort